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Ad Hoc Media

     We are passionate about storytelling through film, TV, writing and music. We combine years of experience with cutting edge technology to transform ideas into extraordinary and memorable experiences.


     Our global team consists of writers, directors, producers, musicians, animators, editors, and sound engineers. 

Ad Hoc Media


With over 100 album credits and many years of performing, writing and touring the world as a member of the Electric Light Orchestra Part II, Eric Troyer has enjoyed a rare level of creative success.


Eric is currently singer and keyboardist (and sometimes guitarist) for the iconic classic-rock band THE ORCHESTRA which features ELO and ELO Pt 2 former members. Eric has appeared on David Letterman and Saturday Night Live, and has toured with various bands through the years. With over 100 recording credits, Eric has recorded in the studio with the likes of John Lennon (on "Woman" from Double Fantasy), Billy Joel (on "Uptown Girl" and other tracks on An Innocent Man), Bonnie Tyler (on the mega-hit "Total Eclipse of the Heart"), and with Celine Dion, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Billy Joel, Kiss, Aerosmith, Meatloaf, Barry Manilow, Air Supply, Barbra Streisand, Lou Reed and many others. Eric has scored for film, TV, and documentaries, his voice and vocal arrangements are on many films, including Footloose, Chicago, Adventures in Babysitting, DC Cab, and Streets of Fire, and he has worked extensively in the past producing, scoring, writing, and singing radio and TV commercials.

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Kee Kee Buckley is a writer, producer and director of independent films,

documentaries and docuseries.


Previously, for over 13 years, Kee Kee was a senior executive with

Lakeshore Entertainment, one of Hollywood's leading independent

production, finance and international sales companies. As Senior VP of

Music and Business Affairs, Kee Kee managed various business affairs

operations for the company, which included involvement in the production

of over 50 motion pictures during her tenure. Among them were the 

Academy Award-winning Million Dollar Baby and the blockbuster 

Underworld franchise.


Kee Kee owns the popular blog about inner-peace called; has blogged periodically on HuffPost since 2010;

has ghost-written/edited several published books; and has

written a yet-to-be published book titled Seeking Shama. She is also co-founder of the award-winning River Town Film Festival in Clinton, NJ.


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